by in Recipes November 5, 2019

Well, after travelling in Hong Kong, Japan and then going on to Melbourne and Warrnambool to visit my Mum, I must say it is good to be back in my own house and kitchen.   Eating out is one of my favourite things to do, but when you do it non stop for weeks, you crave some home cooking.

As we are now in very wintery weather, it is time for Porridge to make a reappearance of a morning.  It is so easy and quick to prepare and you can top it with so many healthy options.


My favourite though is Raspberries and Blackberries with some Chia Seeds (both ground and whole) and some Pumpkin Seeds.  The Chia Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds both add protein to your breakfast.  Pumpkin Seeds are also an excellent source of Zinc which is a vital mineral important for a healthy immune system.  And with this cold rainy weather any help we can give to our immune system is very welcome!!!



The Berries are full of antioxidants and fibre.   Also full of fibre are the Oats, Chia Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds.

So all in all a very good breakfast in lots of ways.

Porridge is so easy to make I am sure you don’t need a recipe but I like to use 1/4 cup of Organic Oats per person (Gluten Free if you need to) and I use Almond Milk to make the porridge.  I add quite a lot of milk (I never measure it) as I like my porridge creamy and not dry.  I leave it on a low heat on the stove whilst I make my daughters school lunch – giving it a stir every now and again until I like the consistency.

Make sure to read the label as many dairy substitute milks have a lot of extra things in them – I like the Innocent Almond Milk which is in the fridge section of the supermarket.