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by in Recipes November 6, 2020

I have made this Tofu Steak a couple of times and I really love it. I serve it with a bowl of Miso Soup. The recipe is from the cookbook “Everyday Harumi”, although I have reduced the amount of soy sauce in the sauce recipe as originally I found it too salty.   First make […]


by in Recipes October 25, 2020

Over lockdown last time I made Miso Soup as part of a Japanese Feast, but it was way too salty.  So I decided I had to do a “redemption” (Australia MasterChef phrase used all the time!!!)  Miso Soup – and this time it was perfect. I still have some packets of Dashi which I purchased […]


by in Recipes April 21, 2020

I love Miso Cod when I am eating out in a Japanese Restaurant, so wanted to make it at home.  For my first attempt I was pretty pleased with it, it was extremely tasty!!! It does take a few days marinating so you have to plan it in advance!! Combine the Mirin and Gin (or […]


by in Recipes February 1, 2020

We love Tacos in this house and I am always trying new recipes and combinations.   This recipe was originally for chicken, but as I have a pescatarian in the house I wanted to just make one dinner for everyone, so I swapped the chicken for Monkfish.   I made the Pickled Onions earlier in […]


by in Recipes November 8, 2019

Here are a couple of easy and tasty School Lunches which I gave my daughter this week.  Both lunches are Gluten and Dairy Free. Firstly a salad with chopped Lettuce, sliced Radish, sliced Red Pepper, grated Carrot and left over Grilled Salmon and Chilli and Coriander Prawns from last nights dinner. In a separate little […]


by in Recipes April 4, 2019

We eat grilled Organic Salmon quite a lot, so I often do a bit extra to use up in other dishes.  This Frittata was made using left over grilled Salmon and some Tenderstem Broccoli.  It is lovely lunch or light dinner served with a lovely green salad.  Or if like me you like a savoury […]