Great Products

We are all aware of the need to reduce single use plastic by  increasing our use of sustainable and reusable items as much as possible.   

When I was in Australia I found these products and loved them.  

I thought they were so good I decided to bring them to Ireland. They are made from recycled plastic drink bottles. This means less plastic going to landfill.   It is products like these that will help us build a more sustainable planet and way of living.

All products are 100% recyclable, but they are designed to last for many years.

Take your bread bag with you when buying your fresh bread and you do not need to use plastic bags or wrapping.  The bread bag can be used to store your bread on the counter top or to cover your bread for freezing. Due to the unique roll and clip closure, you simply roll down the closure as the loaf is eaten to ensure maximum freshness by reducing the amount of air around the bread.  

Keep your produce bags with your shopping bags and you no longer need to use plastic bags when buying your fruit and vegetables.   They come in a handy pouch making it easy to carry and keep them together. The light but strong mesh bags can hold up to 2 kilos of produce and have a drawstring tie.  They barely register on the scale (weighing only 10grams per bag) and allow shop assistants to know exactly what is inside your bag (unlike paper bags which need to be opened).  The bags let water/air flow through them, so you can use them to wash produce. You can store your produce in the fridge in them or simply hang them up to keep your produce fresh.

The Onya Reusable sandwich wrap is designed to wrap up sandwiches or rolls in an environmentally friendly way! In addition to sandwiches, the sandwich wrap can be used to wrap up lots of different foods, eg  veggie sticks, snack foods, cheese. If you are buying a sandwich at your favourite sandwich bar, you can give them your wrap to put it in and this is another way to save on plastic waste. To clean, simply wipe with a cloth or handwash and line dry for a thorough clean.

You can purchase these products through my shop.