by in Recipes July 7, 2018

With this beautiful hot weather sometimes you just need to have an Icy Pole !!!

My raspberry plants produce tiny raspberries, so I used them up by making these Icy Poles.  They are very refreshing and a real treat on a hot day.

  • 300g raspberries
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint
  • 50g icing sugar
  • 400 mls Belvoir Raspberry Sparkling Fruit Drink

The original recipe asked for lemonade, and I was surprised when looking for lemonade to see that all the lemonades I looked at had artificial sweeteners in them, even if they were not labelled sugar free.  So I was very happy to find that the Belvoir Raspberry Sparkling Fruit Drink had no artificial ingredients and I used this to make my icy poles instead.  (The “Light” on the bottle refers to less sugar than in the original drink)

Put the raspberries, sugar and mint leaves in a nutribullet and whizz until it is smooth.  (Use a blender if you don’t have a nutribullet).

Pour mixture through a fine sieve to get rid of all the seeds.

Add the Sparkling Fruit Drink to the sieved berry mixture, and stir until it is all combined.

Pour into your icy pole moulds and freeze until they are solid.


This recipe is very easy to play around with.  You could substitute strawberries, or use a mixture of both raspberries and strawberries if you wanted.  You could also leave out the mint if you don’t like it.  Or you could use watermelon instead of the berries which would also be delicious.

Be careful when eating them, as they do drip and raspberry juice is a pain to get out of your clothes!!!!!