by in Health Tips January 8, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone ! I hope 2018 brings you all a very happy, healthy and safe year ahead.

I am back in Melbourne (until Easter) after spending three weeks in gorgeous Noosa Heads in Queensland. I am back in my home town as my daughter (who is in Transition Year) is spending one term at school in Melbourne. A very exciting experience for her and a wonderful opportunity for me to spend time at home.

As of New Year’s Day two of my children have decided to become vegetarian (my daughter being one) – until one of them capitulates !!!! As they are both quite determined, I can see it being a long standing arrangement. I also decided to try and change my diet to 80 % plant based and 20% animal based. I like fish and meat too much to give them up entirely.

However I have to be honest, as a newby vegetarian cook, it does take a new mind set and more work to produce a tasty and nutritiously balanced meal. I am sure as I get more used to not picking the meat first and then what to put with it, the process will become easier and less time consuming. It does not help that the way I like to eat is to have a few different tastes per meal and not just one big bowl of the one thing, so I know I am making work for myself.

I have been making some delicious vegetarian food since the new year, but unfortunately I have forgotten to take photos so I will have to make the best of dishes again and photograph them so I can share them with you.

In the meantime our first shopping expedition on arrival to Melbourne was to the Prahran Market and all I can say is WOW. It is fabulous. I am very excited to have this wonderful and extensive range of produce as my local shop!