by in Health Tips April 19, 2018

On Saturday I attended a course on Gluten and Wheat Free Cooking, given by Maggie Lynch of the IINH’s Taste Health Kitchen.

Maggie is full of enthusiasm and the atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly, and over the 5 hours or so, Maggie fits in so much, demonstrating the recipes but also giving lots of general cooking information.

During the course we sampled some of the smaller dishes Maggie made, but at the end we were presented with a feast of a lunch which we shared, sitting around the table chatting to everyone there.

It was a really enjoyable way to spend the day whilst learning so much. I am attaching a link in case you might like to have a look and see what classes are coming up !

The granola and bread photos from my previous post are from Maggie’s class, so I will share these recipes with you next time.

Here are photos of just some of the dishes we learnt how to make and shared for lunch.