by in Recipes January 19, 2018

Lunch in Bondi Beach Sydney. More options to try at home (not to replicate exactly, more to give ideas for flavour combinations).

The closest dish in the photo was delicious. Roast new potatoes, sauted red onion and spinach, steamed broccoli florets, chunky tomato relish, pan fried halloumi slices, poached egg with hollandaise and paprika sprinkled over the top.

The dish furtherest away was good too, labna (thickend natural yoghurt) with grilled red pepper slices, roast cherry tomatoes and two poached eggs drizzled with chilli oil.

Finally two vegetarian dishes that don’t have pumpkin (much as I love it, it is in almost every vege option) however eggs still feature heavily.

I will try both of these at home and send on recipes !

The drink is watermelon juice with lime – very refreshing on a hot day !