by in Recipes February 8, 2018

This is my version of the dish we ate in the cafe in Bondi a few weeks ago. I plated it like this so you could see all the ingredients.

I roasted the potatoes in some coconut oil. I scrubbed them and left the skin on and cut them into pieces, but not too small. They took about 1 hour to cook.

I sauteed 2 red onions and one crushed clove garlic in ghee (I like the buttery taste of ghee with spinach) until they were translucent and then added two big handfuls of baby spinach and just tossed it through so it wilted.

I steamed broccoli and I soft boiled some eggs.

I fried thinly sliced halloumi in a small amount of coconut oil until it was nicely browned.

To serve I put the roast potatoes on the bottom of the bowl, placed a tablespoon of good quality (bought) tomato relish on top of them, then placed the onion/spinach mixture on top, with the broccoli, soft boiled egg and the fried halloumi. I then sprinkled it with smoked paprika. Whilst in the photo it looks a bit dry, it actually is quite juicy with the runny egg yolk mixed with the juicy spinach/onion mixture and the relish underneath. I did not bother with the hollandaise sauce, but it was very tasty without it.

Just a note about Halloumi cheese – it is really worth paying a little bit extra for the best quality halloumi you can get, as it makes a big difference. Cheaper versions can be very rubbery and do not really melt when you are frying them, but a good quality one is actually really creamy when you are frying it and is not rubbery once you have fried it.