by in Health Tips April 16, 2018

Spent Sunday afternoon cooking for the week and weeks ahead. Made Black Bean Chilli, Beef Chilli (for the meat eaters), Thai Green Curry Courgette Soup, Gluten Free Bread and Home Made Granola.

With the two chilli dishes I have kept one portion of each for tonights dinner and have put the rest into containers for the freezer. This will give me four more meals of each for when I need something quick and easy.


The soup I will keep some for lunch for the next two days, and freeze the rest in portions. I will serve this with lots of fresh corriander and some ginger batons sprinkled on top.

Balanced Nutrition - Batch Soup

The bread we ate some for breakfast this morning (with poached eggs, avocado, whipped feta and sauted spinach) and the rest we will eat over the next couple of days. I would also freeze this in slices if I thought we would not get through it. Whilst preparing this batch of bread, I also portioned up all the dry ingredients for two more batches, which I will keep in the fridge, then next time I want to bake it, the process will be very easy as I only have to add the wet ingredients to the mix.

Balanced Nutrition - Batch Bread

The Granola will last in the fridge for 6 weeks and I will use this with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast.