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by in Recipes August 25, 2020

I have a lot of apples falling off my apple trees in these windy times.  I decided to stew lots of them, which I can then use in a myriad of ways.   Apple Sauce as an Egg Substitute.  Apple in with Overnight Oats.   Stewed Apple in with my Porridge.   As a base for an Apple […]


by in Recipes May 28, 2020

My husband is not really a dessert eater, but he loves this cheesecake, so for his birthday I just had to make it for him. It is small but rich so you only need a small portion, but it is delicious.  This will easily serve 8 people with leftovers if no one has seconds!!!! Preheat […]


by in Recipes January 30, 2020

Bread and Butter Pudding is a favourite in my house.  It is a very old fashioned dessert and very comforting on these cold winter nights.  I was given a couple of Panettones for Christmas and was wondering what to do with them, so decided that Panettone would make a delicious bread to use in the […]