by in Health Tips May 31, 2019


After having spent hours in the garden weeding, I am feeling very pleased with myself now it is looking well groomed and ready to go for all the new seedlings growing in the poly tunnel.


The new herbs I planted a few weeks ago are thriving and the older ones are in full bloom. 



The sage especially is beautiful.  Even though I know you are not supposed to let them go to flower (for the flavour) the bees love the flowers so I just leave them.



Even though gardening can be hard physical work (my back was aching) working in and with nature is so rewarding.  It really is a form of active mindfullness as you don’t think of anything else but the job at hand and the time flies by.  Each time I have gone out to weed I think to myself, I will go out for an hour, but end up spending at least two hours there and not even realising.  I am very lucky to have a big garden to grow all these things, but even when I lived in apartments I always grew herbs and salad leaves in pots.  It is so easy to do and so lovely to be able to go and pick your herbs or salad for dinner.


I have made a plan of the garden for this summer, filling in what is already there and then I will continue to fill it in as the seedlings are transplanted.


The “Nursery” is coming along well with all the little seedlings growing happily.  We have lots of Basil and Thai Basil (which I just love) and our Tomato plants are looking very healthy.




A friend is teaching me about seed growing and seedlings and I learnt to “prick out” yesterday, so transplanted all the Basil into pots for further growing.

Potatoes are coming along well.