by in Health Tips April 2, 2018

Two delicious brunches in Melbourne Cafes’. Both the same order, smashed avocado on sourdough, with persian feta, poached egg, beetroot relish and a side of spinach. (One has sliced cherry tomatoes and the other pickled onions).

However look at the difference in these two plates. The second plate is literally twice the size of the first plate.

Do be aware when eating out how easy it is to eat too much!!!

The first plate is a delicious balanced brunch which kept me going all day (and I have a healthy appetite !!!)

The second plate is one serving in a different cafe, twice the amount of food, it would easily feed two people.

Serving sizes are increasing which is increasing our waistlines, or if we don’t eat it all, then increasing food waste. Both of which are not good.

When food is in front of you, it is very easy to keep eating even though you have actually had enough to eat.

When eating out ask how big the portions are, and order accordingly. You could maybe share a main/bigger dish and have a couple of (healthy vegetable!!!) sides. And you can always order some more food if you are still hungry.

Also, if cafes’ served more realistic portion sizes, then they could also charge more realistic prices and throw out a lot less food!!!!!